Taking Industry 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" as an opportunity, and taking the mission of "providing competitive intelligent test and manufacturing solutions to help customers continuously improve production and test efficiency", after several years of research and development, it has now obtained a number of patents. Provide a variety of test automation equipment: mobile phone PCBA automatic test line, router PCBA automatic test line, switch finished product automatic test line, WIFI / BT module automatic test line, RF and microwave spare parts automatic test line, etc.

System Integration


Renting based on RF & microwave and optical communication test equipment can be customized for different cycle leases. At the same time, we provide related technical consultation, usage training, debugging, calibration and other related services. Helping you reduce the investment on fixed assets, control the cost of equipment management, and prevent the risk of technology iteratively updating assets from eliminating.

The marketing department signed a big order and would like to produce immediately. . .


Insufficient funds;The delivery term is long enough;

The balance sheet is weak ;The project needs are in urgent. . .


Give up the order?

This is a huge order that has been struggled for a long time;

This year's bonus is count on this. . .

Rent instruments!

Get the instrument at once

Flexible configuration options,Instrument repair can be guaranteed,

Cash flow can not be affected,Return the instrument immediately right after the project ends.

Advantages of Leasing

New financing channels

Helping companies reduce costs

Apply for approval fast

Alleviate corporate financial constraints

Access to professional management services

Conducive to decoration financial report

In addition to the new machine business of agency or distribution, with the turnover of our inventory, we sell used equipment at discounted price from time to time.

We promise the following:All instruments are calibrated under the ISO/IEC17025:2017 standard



Purchase extended warranty service, provide lifetime warranty


One year warranty service


The used instruments performance as good as new machine


Expert-level maintenance consultants with more than ten years of experience in the industry;
Capabability of repairing instruments all well-known brands from home and abroad;
National coverage of maintenance service.

Purchase the same type and performance of the original device

Achieve device level maintenance

The same fault caused by the same component

Three month warranty

Purchase annual warranty service for your own instruments

No matter what the problem is will be served maintenance for free


If your own instrument is idle, contact Chrent to leaseback, make your fixed assets into cash;
When you lack of cash, contact us to buyback, pay the same small amount of rental fee, so that this won’t delay your production schedule and your money;
If your own equipment is obsolete, contact Chrent to buyback, turn waste into cash directly.

Total Test Solution Provider




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